MEINERWORKS ON EBAY - we sell collectibles for you & me
About Us

We have extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles
We have extensive experience in selling antiques and collectibles for individuals and are able to establish values using our vast library of antique pricing guides.  Also, we have the technical know-how needed to conduct on line Auction sales for items ranging from collectible jewelry to electronics.  Because we have a proven track record of completing sales for our clients, a high percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.  We are now an approved eBay Trading Assistant and you can learn more about us by looking at our Profile on eBay.

We can set up an eBay Store and Pay Pal Account for businesses
As an eBay Trading Assistant, we are qualified to handle sales of multiple items for business and industry, whether it be excess inventory or current product lines. We do this by establishing an eBay Store for your specific business which keeps accurate accounting of inventory, sales, eBay fees, and commissions.  Your business will also have its own Pay Pal account to insure accuracy of payments when your items sell.

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