MEINERWORKS ON EBAY - we sell collectibles for you & me
Our Services & Fees
We carefully research your items to determine their highest current market value before placing the items for sale.  We take photos, write carefully researched listing descriptions, store your items, and pack & ship when they sell.  Your buyer pays using PayPal to guarantee payment after their bid.  Businesses with multiple items for sale are asked to store items at their facility.

7 Day Auction
We charge a $35.00 fee per listing, plus a 35% commission and nominal eBay/PayPal/Other Auction Site Final Value Fees, when your items sell.  Typically, we list your item(s) for a 7 day Auction.  We start the Auction at your minimum bid, i.e. the minimum price you want for your Item. We concurrently offer a higher price  "Buy It Now" option for buyers who wish to bypass the Auction listing to buy your Item immediately. 

Good Til Canceled Listing
Our clients also have the option to list Item(s) indefinitely for a $50.00 listing fee plus a 35% commission.  For this client alternative, Item(s) are listed as "good til canceled" and a fixed price is set.  A "Best Offer" option can be made available for potential buyers who would like to make an Offer lower than the initial set price.  You are free to accept the proposed offer, make a counteroffer, or reject entirely. 

If you have multiple items, we try to group similar goods into one Auction listing to save you money on listing fees.  Final Value Fees apply to all client items sold by Meinerworks, regardless of category. Your Buyer pays all shipping and handling costs.

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